Hotel Policies

Best Rate Guarantee

Get The Lowest Rates For The Gallivant

Rest assured that you’ll always find the lowest hotel rates for The Gallivant on our official website. Feel confident when you book directly with us, knowing that you’re guaranteed the best-available hotel rates for your stay at our hotel in New York City.

If you do find a lower published rate prior to—or within 24 hours of—booking your hotel room or suite, simply give us a call. We’ll happily honor the confirmed lower hotel rate.

(Note that our Best Rate Guarantee does not include packaged rates or reservations booked via opaque or auction sites or 3rd Party Sites.)

Fees & Taxes

  • Destination Fee: $15 Plus tax ($17.23 inclusive of tax) charged daily. Includes WIFI and Fitness Center Access
  • Incidentals: There is a nightly authorization of $50 for security purposes. This amount will be returned to you, if you do not incur any charges, at the time of check out. Depending on your bank this release can take 5-14 business days.
  • Bellman Service: A storage facility is available for luggage, pre and post check in. There is no fee at the time of check in, but a $3 per bag fee for storage at check out. Cash only.
  • Early Check in and late check out is is available based on availability, prices vary. Please speak with a front desk agent for availability and pricing
  • Other fees and taxes may be charged as incurred. Prices at this website are not final and subject to change without notice.

Privacy Policy

This policy applies to the website. In this policy, we describe what personal and anonymous information we collect on our website, how we use it, and your options for accessing and changing information we collect about you. If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of any page on this website.

Information collected from all visitors 

While you are using website, anonymous information will be gathered in our computer system log files. We use this information to administer our website and learn, for example, which areas of our website are the most popular and which parts may be having performance problems. 

We use website “cookies” to keep track of your visit and present personalization based on your activities on the website. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information about you. You may reject or delete the cookie at any time; however, certain parts of our website may fail to function properly if you do so. To learn how to do this on your system, read your browser software's Help file.Information collected from our business associates, partners, vendors, and customers.

When you do business with us, we collect personal information from you, including your name, company name, physical address, E-mail address, and phone number. We will not share your personal or company information with other companies except those who are involved with opening or maintaining your account. If we ever did have a need to share information outside of opening or maintaining your account, we will obtain your explicit permission before doing so. Obviously, we must present information to federal, state, or local authorities if a search warrant or subpoena is presented to us or if we are subpoenaed to provide evidence or testimony in a court of law. We may need to contact you by E-mail with administrative service announcements or other aspects of your account. 

Accessing your information

Customers may access any contact information we store through our corporate office in order to correct discrepancies and update records with new contact information. 

Updates to this policy

As our website evolves over time or our data handling policies change, we will update this privacy policy. Changes made to this policy will be effective immediately following the posting of the new policy to the website. If we make significant changes to our data handling practices, we will make efforts to notify our active business associates, partners, vendors, and customers in other reasonable ways that may include an administrative E-mail or other notice. This privacy policy will be governed by the laws of the United States and the State of New York.